Vacancy Announcement Questions | Synonyms | Words Meanings | Important Questions by Suraj

Vacancy Announcement Questions | Synonyms | Words Meanings | Important Questions by Suraj
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Vacancy Announcement Questions | Synonyms | Words Meanings | Important Questions by Suraj

Important Synonyms of Vacancy Announcement 

Vacancy: Place to be fulfilled, Emptiness

Wanted: Required, Needed, Demanded, Specify as compulsory, wish to have

Post: Position, Situation, A Job, Rank

Profession: Career, Occupation, Job, Business, Work

Experience: Having gained knowledge, Practical knowledge of the same work, Cognitive worth and practical abilities

Last date of submission: Deadline

Required number: Needed number

Subject: Topic, Area under discussion

Looking for: Seeking for, To see somebody, To see, Ask for, To find, Finding, Search for

Prestigious: having a high status, being reputed, being highly regarded, being putative

Renown: famous, putative, and reputed, Recognised, familiar, respected, Already known, know again.

Rank: Position, high social standing

Well: Good, Comfort, Luckily

Salary: Remuneration, Emoluments, Payment, Wage

Academic qualification: educational qualification

Urgently: immediately, consistently, and earnest

Candidate: applicants, employees, personnel taking an exam, A person who applies for a certain post

Eligible: qualified, able, having proper qualifications, Competent

Submit: Present, Put forward

Discipline: An area of knowledge, Subjects

Perks: advantage, big amount of money, benefits, additional benefit

Personal detail: curriculum vitae (C.V.), description, personal description, a brief account of somebody’s career, bio-data, resumes, written records of somebody’s education, and jobs

Sex: gender (male and female)

Marital status: (married or unmarried)

Beverage: Any type of drink except water

Fund: Savings amount, Finance

Preference: liking, importance, favouring one person, priority

Must: A thing that is compulsory; necessity; obligation; Have to

Language: A Method of Human Communication

Interested: Aspiring, Willing, Showing Concern, Holding Attention

Negotiable: open to discussion

Merely: Only, Just

Invited: called, contacted, communicated, telephoned

Interview: oral test, test somebody’s ability, A meeting at which somebody is asked questions

Observation: Watching somebody carefully

Skills: ability to do something well

Application: A written piece of the letter, A written note

P.P. sized: passport-sized

Possess: Own, have something; belong to one

Adequate: sufficient, satisfactory, acceptable

Oriented: Directed towards

Literate: educated, well-read

Incumbent: An official

Upliftment: Improvement

To select: To choose

Certificates: Testimonials, Degree, Credential

Equivalent: Is equal to, equal to, The same

Encouraged: To give somebody support, help, or assistance.

Energetic: having a lot of energy, showing energy

Personnel: Employer

To expect: hope

Deputy: Assistant

Invites: Calls for

Dissertation: A long-written essay

Format: Pattern

Entertained: Aided

Minimum: At least, Smallest

The most: maximum

For all the working hours: full-timer

The process of making sure that everything is done correctly: Supervision

Short-listed: selected, chosen

Innovator: Pioneer

Regardless: Irrespective

Reserve: To book

Professional: Competent

Sound: Weighty

Canvassing: Asking somebody to support

Basis: Ground

Online: Connected to a computer

One who manages: manager

One who has the power to execute a plan: executive

A person who helps: assistant

A person who directs and executes plans: Supervisor

Statutory: Permitted and Enacted

Tenure: Period of time

Very good: Excellent, Excellence, and Extremely Good

Documents: spoken or written personal information, certificates, C.V

Minimise: To make something small

Photocopy: Xerox

Personally gifted money or any other thing: Bonus, Perk, Allowance

Queries: Questions

Submission: The action of submitting formally

Command: ability to use or control something

Include: inclusive, incorporate, involve, and entail

Counterpart: having the same function or post

Consensual: General agree with

Procure: Obtain something

Advocacy: Active support

Assessment: Evaluation

Proposal: Something presented for consideration

Dynamic: Having a strong personality

Organisation: company, firm, institution, business house, set up

Assessed: evaluated, judged

Merits: Plus, Qualities

Chief: Major

Additional: Extra

Amenities: Facilities

Thorough: Detailed

Occupation: Employment, Profession

Finally: Eventually

Committed:  Dedicated

Devotion: Dedication

Brief: Short

Research: an organised study

Centre: Middle

Knowledge: Learning

Capacity: Ability

Available: Able to be obtained

Software: computing data, programmes, etc.

Job letter: Application


Vacancy Announcement

Questions related to the post

▪︎  What is the post?

▪︎ What is the advertised post?

▪︎  What is the post advertised?

▪︎  What is the required post?

▪︎  Which post or posts does the company require?

▪︎  What is the vacant post?

▪︎  What is the advertisement about?

▪︎  What does the institute need?

▪︎ How many people are needed for this post?

Questions related to the company

▪︎  What does the company do?

▪︎  Who has advertised this post?

▪︎  Who has invited the applicants?

▪︎  Which company has advertised for the post of........?.

▪︎  Who is seeking...?

▪︎  Who has advertised this vacant post for whom?

▪︎  Where is the company located?

▪︎  Where to apply?

▪︎  Who should the application be addressed to?

Question-related to Qualification or Experience

▪︎  What is the qualification needed for the post?

▪︎  What are the required qualifications and experience for the post?

▪︎  What is the common qualification required for both posts?

▪︎  Beside the major qualification, what should the candidate possess?

▪︎  What are the requirements for the post?

▪︎  What is the required qualification?

▪︎  What type of experience should the candidate have?

Questions related to the documents

▪︎  What are the things necessary to apply for the post?

▪︎  What other things should be submitted along with the application?

▪︎  Mention the things that are necessary to be submitted along with the application.

▪︎  What should be attached to the application?

▪︎  What else should be sent with the application?

Question-related to the Date and Address

▪︎  When should I apply?

▪︎  When should the candidate apply?

▪︎  What is the last date of submission?

▪︎  What is the deadline for applications?

▪︎  When should I apply?

▪︎  When and where to contact?

▪︎  When should applicants apply?

▪︎  At what time can the candidate apply?

Question-related to the Salary

▪︎  How much is the salary?

▪︎  What is the salary provided by the company?

▪︎  How much remuneration is fixed for the post?

▪︎  What is the provided salary, emolument, or remuneration?

Question-related to the Candidate

▪︎  Who can apply?

▪︎  What type of candidate is required?

▪︎  Who is called for the interview?

▪︎  What is the age bar of the candidate?

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