Up-Hill Questions & Answers | Christina Rossetti | Compulsory English Class 9 by Suraj Bhatt


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Up-Hill Questions & Answers | Christina Rossetti | Compulsory English Class 9 by Suraj Bhatt

Up-Hill by Christina Rossetti Questions & Answers 



Up-Hill by Christina Rossetti 

A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.

Column A                            Column B

a. wind       iii. to have many bends and twists

b. morn      v. morning 

c. inn        ii. a small hotel, usually in the country

d. wayfare   i. person who usually travels on foot

e. seek        iv. look for 


Complete the summary of the poem using suitable words or phrases given below.

the road ahead    up-hill someone     a place       

a journey      in the affirmative   on the way   

everyone    fellow travellers      an inn. 


The speaker is making a journey with her guide. She asks the guide eight different questions about the road aheadThe first question is if the road is all up-hill and if the journey will take all day. The guide replies in the affirmative. Next, she asks if there is a place to rest for the night. The guide informs the speaker that there is an inn which she won’t miss. The speaker’s fifth question is, whether she will meet the other travellers on the way. At the inn, the speaker asks if she should knock or call the fellow travellers. The guide replies that someone will open the door. Lastly, the speaker asks if there will be a bed for her. The guide tells her that there are beds for everyone.



Up-Hill by Christina Rossetti 

Answer the following questions. 

a. How far is the road up-hill, according to the guide? 


According to the guide, the road is so far up-hill. It takes morning to night to complete the journey. 

b. What does the speaker doubt about the place to rest? 


The speaker doubts whether there is a resting place or not when they reach their destination during night.

c. Who has travelled the road before?


The other wayfarers have travelled the road before.

d. What is the speaker’s seventh question? 


The speaker's seventh question is whether she will find ease and comfort after her difficult journey being weary and weaker.

e. Who do you think opens the door? 


I think other wayfarers who have gone there before open the door.

C. Write a short description of an interesting road that you have recently travelled along.


The road that I have recently travelled along is a road of Krishna picnic spot. This road is situated in Rampur hilly region. This road has various bends uphill. It takes 7 hours to reach the main picnic spot from highway road. During my journey, I was quite exhausted. I took rest so many times. The stairs all the uphill made me quite weary. But the greenery around was quite attractive.



Up-Hill by Christina Rossetti 

1. Who has composed this poem?


Christina Rossetti has composed this poem.

2. Who is asking questions to whom?


The speaker/traveller is asking questions to the guide.

3. What are they talking about?


They are talking about their journey. 

4. Where are they travelling to?


They are travelling to a long journey uphill.

5. What is the lady asking the man?


The lady is asking the man various questions regarding a long journey.

6. What does the speaker ask her guide in the first stanza?


In the first stanza, the speaker asks her guide whether the road is difficult and up-hill all the way and if the journey would take all day long.

 7. How long will the day’s journey take?


The day's journey will take the whole day from morning till night.

8. Where is the resting place located?


The resting place is located at the end of the journey. 

9. Why is the speaker worried in the second stanza?


The speaker is worried in the second stanza because she thinks that the darkness might hide the inn from her view/face.

10. Who are other wayfarers?


Wayfarers are those travellers who have gone on the same journey before.

11. Why does the speaker desire for a resting place?


The speaker desires for a resting place because she needs her safety at the end of her journey.

12. Who will open the door in that inn?


The other wayfarers who have gone before on this particular journey will open the door in that inn.

13. Will the speaker have to wait at the door? Why / Why not?


No, the speaker won't have to wait at the door because the other wayfarers will immediately open the door and let her in.

14. Will there be beds for all?


Yes, there will be beds for all.

15. What is the main theme of the poem?

The main theme of the poem is hardships of human life till the end.

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