Beauty and the Beast | Story Summary | Neb English Notes

Beauty and the Beast | Story Summary | Neb English Notes
Neb English Notes 

Beauty and the Beast | Story Summary | Neb English Notes 

Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast

A long, long time ago, there lived a merchant along with his three daughters. He used to live just at the edge of a dense forest. One day, as he was leaving his home for work in the town, he asked all his three daughters if they wanted any gifts on his return.

The eldest daughter became quite excited and demanded from her father an expensive dress made of silk. His second daughter also had an expensive demand. She asked her father to bring a pearl ring.

The merchant promised to fulfil their demands, though their demands were expensive. Later, the merchant asked his youngest daughter, Beauty. She was the most beautiful and thoughtful daughter of them all. She only demanded some roses from her father. The merchant was pleased to hear such a simple demand for beauty. The merchant left for the town, promising his best to bring them all that they had asked for.

In the evening, on his way back to the village, through the dark and dense forest, he lost his way. He suddenly reached the gates of an old, strange-looking, and ruined castle. As he passed through the gate inside, he saw a huge bush full of white roses in the garden. He became quite happy and decided to pluck a few for his lovely daughter, Beauty.

Just as he was about to pluck the first rose, he heard a terrible roar behind him. When he moved back, he was thoroughly scared to see a dangerous beast with the head of a lion, the body of a bear, and the legs of a wild dog standing in front of him. The merchant immediately apologised for his mistake.

The terrible beast looked at the merchant quite furiously. He blamed the merchant for stealing roses from his garden. He addressed him as a thief. The merchant kept on asking for an apology, but the beast continuously responded in anger. The merchant told him the whole story regarding his daughters' demands. He asked the beast to let him go from there. The beast didn't want to listen to his request. The merchant started trembling with fear. The beast finally ordered the merchant to send his daughter to his castle. The beast wanted to see the merchant's daughter, who wanted the roses. He even threatened the merchant to take them all if the merchant didn't keep his promise.

The merchant left the place, being so sad. After reaching home, he told what had happened in the forest's castle to his daughters. Beauty’s elder sisters told the merchant to send Beauty to the beast so that they would be safe, but the loving father did not agree with their decision. However, Beauty decided to go to the beast's castle to save her family. The next night, she left her home without informing anyone.

Beauty reached the castle of the beast. The beast showed his fine treatment to her. He warmly welcomed her and took her into his castle. He treated her as a friend. Beauty was provided with a proper room to live in and well-cooked, delicious food to eat.

After staying there in the castle with the beast for a few months, both Beauty and the Beast became good friends with each other and started living together. One day, Beauty missed her father and sisters too much. She wanted to meet them all. So one night, Beauty asked the beast to give her a day to visit her father and sisters. The beast agreed to her proposal and allowed her to go to her house just for a day.

When Beauty returned home, all family members were quite happy to see her back. Beauty lived happily with her family members for weeks, forgetting the promise she had made to the beast. One night, while she was sleeping, she had a terrible dream that the beast was very sick and he was calling her name. Realising her fault, she became quite worried about the beast, and she ran back to the castle the next day. When she reached the castle, she found out that the beast was really ill. She started crying to see the condition of the beast. She apologised a lot, with tears in her eyes. But the beast was so pleased to see Beauty again in front of his eyes. While talking with the beast, Beauty's tears fell upon his face.

A bit later, the beast magically turned into a handsome young man. Beauty was quite surprised to see the handsome young man. When she inquired about him, she got the answer from the beast. The handsome young man told his story to Beauty. According to him, the young man was a prince. He used to kill wild animals a lot. So, God punished him and turned him into an ugly beast. When he pleaded with God to turn him back to a human, God said that only a true friend’s teardrops would help to turn him back to a human. The handsome young man thanked Beauty. Beauty was overjoyed by this story.

Later, both of them invited Beauty’s father and sisters to live with them in the castle. They all came to live happily together thereafter.

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