Unit 13 Class 10 English | Discovering Migration: What Birds Reveal | Neb English Note


Unit 13 Class 10 English |  Discovering Migration: What Birds Reveal | Neb English Note
Neb English Notes 

Unit 13 Class 10 English |  Discovering Migration: What Birds Reveal | Neb English Notes 

Reading Il

Answer these questions.

a. Have you ever noticed birds and animals migrating to new places?


Yes, I have noticed birds and animals migrating to new places.

b. Why do you think they migrate?


I think they migrate to find proper habitat for their survival. 

Discovering Migration: What Birds Reveal

A. Study the following word list and find their synonyms and antonyms as shown in the example. Write NA if the word does not have a synonym or antonvm in the list.



Synonyms 》onlooker, viewer, bystander, spectator

Antonyms 》participant 

a. transform

Synonyms 》change, remodel, revamp

Antonyms 》stagnate, hold on

b. incredible

Synonyms 》 unbelievable, amazing, wonderful

Antonyms 》credible, plausible

c. roadmap

Synonyms 》guideline, plan, direction, protocol, procedure

Antonyms 》NA

d. retrace

Synonyms 》backtrack, recall, recollect, reminisce

Antonyms 》forget

e. grab

Synonyms 》clutch, snatch, capture

Antonyms 》free, liberate, release

f. elevation

Synonyms 》refill, replenish, restock

Antonyms 》deplete, exhaust

i. cluster

Synonyms 》height, altitude

Antonyms 》flat, level, lowness

g. waterlogged

Synonyms 》wet, sodden, soaked, drenched

Antonyms 》dehydrated, dry, arid

h. refuel

Synonyms 》array, band, bunch, clump

Antonyms 》chump

j. crucial

Synonyms 》vital, fundamental

Antonyms 》trivial, insignificant, unimportant

k. perilous

Synonyms 》risky, dangerous, precarious, terrifying

Antonyms 》harmless

Complete sentences (a-f) with their correct endings (i-vii).

a. In the past people had the misconception that iv. birds hid underground or changed into some other birds.

b. To supply themselves with energy ii. some birds stop to feed themselves with grains.

c. When the weather is favourable in spring iii. birds fly back to their habitats.

d. As a sign of partial migration i. some birds travel to a different place while others do not.

e. To wait for a favourable weather v. some birds choose to fly during the night.

f. For better flying conditions vii. birds fly in large groups.



Answer these questions.

a. What is incredible about the migration of birds?


The incredible thing about the migration of birds is that they fly over land and oceans without a roadmap or compass to destinations that are sometimes thousands of miles away.

b. What things do birds consider while flying to their destinations?


While flying to their destinations, birds consider the following things.

1. Their pace so they do not run out of energy before they can land.

2. Adjustment of speed, height and flight path to know about changing winds, storms and their own weight.

c. Which animals other than the birds migrate to new places?


Other than the birds, animals that migrate to new places include insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and mammals.

d. What do scoters dive underwater for?


Scoters dive underwater for grabbing shellfish from the ocean floor. They can stay underwater for up to a minute to grab their prey.

e. Which birds travel up and down instead of going north to south?


The mountain birds like brindled titmice and mountain chickadees travel up and down instead of going north to south. They migrate about 1000 feet to lower elevations. They move from high-altitude evergreen forests to wooded valleys and streams.

f. What is partial migration of birds?


The partial migration of birds is a migration where some birds migrate while others do not migrate within their species. 

g. Why can sea terns not stay long in water?


Sea terns cannot stay long in water because they become waterlogged (wetted with water). Their wings get wet with water, making it difficult for them to fly efficiently.

h. How do birds feed themselves during their journeys?


During their journeys, birds feed themselves by stopping at different rest locations. At these locations, they feed themselves by eating different things such as berries, insects, seeds, or other prey depending on how much energy they need.

i. What are the signs of birds flying in the night sky?


Following are the signs of birds flying in the night sky.

1. Birds are almost invisible except for all the chattering. 

2. They occasionally become visible if the songbirds pass in front of the moon.

D. You might have seen or heard animals migrating to new places. What could be the reasons for animals to migrate?


Migration is an example of moving to live in another place for a period of time.  In animals, it is the seasonal migration of mammals, birds or fish, especially between breeding and non-breeding areas.  It is done for the sake of survival.

This process looks quite fascinating in the world of birds and animals.  There are many reasons behind the migration of animals.  As we have seen migration in various channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery etc.  Most of the animals go on long journeys away from their home in search of water and food.  The question of survival leads them to leave their living places.  Food and water are essential factors that everyone needs.  The migration of animals is mainly seen due to these major factors.  If animals find a proper place to survive, they leave their colony.  All of them try to move from their place to a new place if they get the availability of resources for their survival.

Sometimes, the migration of animals takes place due to threats in their lives.  If the living place of the animals is full of danger, the animals start moving to another safe place for their smooth existence.  Animals also migrate in case of reproduction.  They try to find the safest place for their breeding away from their habitat.  They are very attentive to the care of their offspring.  They are seen migrating to new places for proper and safe breeding.

Some animals are seen migrating due to changes in weather and climate. These factors also play an important role in their migration. Animals always try to pay attention to a safe lifestyle. They try to choose such places for their existence where the risk of life is less.

Thus, migration is necessary and inevitable if there is a question of smooth existence.  Migration to a new place ensures the security of life. Animals migrate for a better life as others.

Grammar ll

A. Complete the sentences below with the correct alternatives from the brackets.

a. Even though ........... (we have different ideologies, we have similar ideologies), we are intimate friends.

we have different ideologies

b. (Despite/ Even though) .......... our hard efforts, we could not establish a hospital in the village.


c. (Even though/ In spite of) ............ the film was very popular, it was a commercial failure.

Even though

d. I enjoyed all the luxuries of life........... (despite the fact/ though) that I grew up in a remote village.

despite the fact that 

e. I watched a late night movie. (However, In spite of ) I didn't feel sleepy in the morning class.

I watched a late night movie however I didn't feel sleepy in the morning class.

f. Even though ............ (scientists have made lots of research, scientists have made no research), there is no evidence of life on mars.

scientists have made lots of research

g. (Even though/ In spite of ) ............. my efforts, I can't ever score excellent marks in the exam.

In spite of 

h. My room was burgled ............. (although, yet) I had locked it securely before going out.


i. I called Siddhartha several times.............. (in spite of, but) he did not respond.


j. Even though we had not invited them ............ (they came to the party/ they did not come to the party)

they came to the party

B. Join the following pairs of sentences with the connectives given in the brackets.

a. I was really exhausted. I could not sleep well. (Although)

 Although I was really exhausted, I could not sleep well.

b. She did not meet the requirements. She was shortlisted for the job. (In spite of )

Inspite of her failure in meeting the requirements, she was shortlisted for the job.

c. I decided to work for the company. The pay was quite low. (Even though)

 I decided to work for the company, even though the pay was quite low.

d. We lost the match. We had prepared for the match really well. (Yet)

We had prepared the match really well, yet we lost the match.

e. Dipisha completed her assignment. She had badly injured her hand. (Despite)

Despite her bad injury in hand, Dipisha completed her assignment.

f.  Kripa exercises every day. She is gaining weight. (However)

Kripa exercises every day, however she is gaining weight.

g. Barcelona won the match. They were limited to ten players. (Nevertheless)

Nevertheless they were limited to ten players, Barcelona won the match.

h. I love to watch cricket on TV. My brother loves to watch football. (While)

I love to watch cricket on TV, while my brother loves to watch football.

i. He had not gone to bed until midnight. He woke up early in the morning. (In spite of)

Inspite of not going to bed until midnight, he woke up early in the morning. 

j. He was selected for the school team. He had not played well. (Although)

Although he had not played well, he was selected for the school team.

Writing II

A large number of youths and professionals leave Nepal and migrate abroad each year. Write an essay expressing your opinion about the impacts of such migration. Also include suggestions and solutions to the problems caused by migration.


The Impact of Youth and Professional Migration in Nepal

Migration to foreign countries has become a trend in Nepal. In the context of Nepal, abroad dependency is widely seen among commoners. The number of migrants has been continuously increasing in a very dramatic way. Talking about youths and professionals, everyone is on the way to leaving the country each year. The concept of better opportunities and standard life has led people toward choosing this trend of settling their life in foreign lands. If we talk about migration in terms of national development, we may see certain benefits. But the overall impacts of migration lead a nation in a very worse state. Migration has various challenges and consequences for both the people and the nation.

The migration of skilled professionals and highly educated manpower brings disastrous results to the nation. The nation seems paralyzed and useless without skilled manpower. This trend of migration brings a kind of hindrance to the overall development of the nation. The entire nation experiences the loss of intellectual individuals. The impact of this loss has to be borne by the nation. Various developmental sectors got affected due to a lack of skilled manpower. 

Another impact of migration is the increase in remittance dependency. Though it helps the nation's economy, dependency on foreign currency will be seen among people. Remittances can reduce labor supply and create a culture of dependency that brings personal economic growth and raises inequality among people. 

Migration of youth and skilled people can bring very negative consequences to the society.  Due to their lack, social imbalance is seen.  Society experiences a lack of prosperity and progress.  It also has a great impact on relationships.  Due to the lack of loved ones, people have to face psychological as well as emotional problems. The relation between people also seem so weak due to the concept of migration. 

To solve the problems caused by migration, the nation should implement some strict rules and regulations for all the citizens.  The nation should promote people in various fields.  People should get priority in opportunities.  The nation should establish good educational sectors along with job sectors.  People should be given opportunity so that citizens can live within the country.  Apart from the government, people should also trust their country.  They should try to invest their talent in their motherland instead of finding better opportunities in foreign lands.



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