Unit 14 Class 10 English: Travel and Adventure | Expect the Unexpected | Neb English Notes


Unit 14 Class 10 English: Travel and Adventure | Expect the Unexpected | Neb English Notes
Neb English Notes 

Unit 14 Class 10 English: Travel and Adventure | Expect the Unexpected | Neb English Notes 

Unit 14 Class 10 English: Travel and Adventure

Reading I

Answer these questions.

a. Do you enjoy travelling? Why?


Yes, I enjoy travelling. It is because travelling broadens our minds and provides us with joy and recreation.

b. Which is your favourite tourist place? Why?


My favourite tourist place is Durbar Square because this place is known for varieties of beautiful things.

Expect the Unexpected

A. Complete the sentences below with the correct words from the text.

a. The village ...............comfortably among the hills.


b. The garden was a ................ of colour.


c. Sophie liked cooking, gardening and painting........................


d. Prita screamed loudly when she saw the .........spider on her foot.


e. This  is our .................... to study in such a resourceful school.


f. He showed no ................. of regret for his crime.


g. We have been the victim of a computer virus ...................


h. We were never ............ by any foreign country.


B. Read the text again and find where a traveller can do the following things. Then put a tick mark (O) in the correct table.

They can enjoy a collection of different colours on the street walls. 


a. Cycle around the village.

》Chitwan National Park 

b. Visit Durbar squares.

》Kathmandu (Durbar Squares)

c. Go paragliding.

》Pokhara (the World's best Paragliding venue)

d. Hang out with local people even at night.

》Kathmandu (Thamel)

e. Meet sadhus and take photographs with them

》Kathmandu (Pashupatinath Temple)

f. Walk up to the hill and view the Himalayan ranges

》Pokhara (World Peace Pagoda)

g. Watch the sunrise.

》Pokhara (Sarangkot)

C. Answer these questions.

a. Mention the three things that amazed the writer in Kathmandu.


Red-brick houses, people's smiling faces as well as roaming cattle and busy traffic were the three things that amazed the writer in Kathmandu. 

b. What indicate that street art is rising in Kathmandu?


Murals depicting symbols, people, animals and creative images stretching for over a mile, the participation of local and international artists in the art to convey a message about man-made beauty indicates that street art rising in Kathmandu.

c. Name the two World Heritage Monuments located in Kathmandu.


Patan Durbar Square and Pashupatinath Temple are the two World Heritage Monuments located in Kathmandu.

d. How do the Nepalis perceive death, according to the writer?


According to the writer, the Nepalis perceive death as an everyday experience. He says people bring dead bodies for open cremation on the Bagmati River.  He finds the atmosphere calm rather than frightening. 

e. What two special things does the writer mention about the Pashupatinath Temple?


The two special things that the writer mentions about the Pashupatinath Temple are:

1. Calmness in the environment along with unique offerings and shaving the male relatives' hair in the memorial ceremony for the deceased person.

2. Encounter with genuine sadhus in unique dress and appearance. Taking photographs with them.

f. What does Chitwan National Park offer to its visitors?


Chitwan National Park offers its visitors dozens of jungle activities such as Jeep safari, canoeing, jungle walking, cycling around the village, boating and a tranquil view of the lake and the surroundings. They get a chance to make a close look at wildlife such as single-horned rhinos, deer, wild boars, monkeys, and countless beautiful birds.

g. Whom does the writer recommend to visit Chitwan?


The writer recommends physically active travellers to visit Chitwan National Park.

h. Write any two things that visitors can do in Pokhara. What is Sarangkot known for?


Two things that visitors can do in Pokhara are Trekking and Paragliding. Sarangkot is known for the best place to view the breathtaking sunrise across the Annapurna Himalaya.

i. How did the writer feel when he was leaving Nepal?


The writer felt quite emotional or almost cried when he was leaving Nepal. He intended to make revisit this lovely country. 




D. If you were given the opportunity to visit one of the places mentioned in the text, which one would it be? Give reasons for your choice.


If I were given the opportunity, I would choose to visit Kathmandu. It is because Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, a country in South Asia. The city lies in a high valley where two rivers meet. It is surrounded by the Himalayas and Mountains. Kathmandu is by far the largest city in Nepal. It is also a centre of culture.

There are many famous places to visit in Kathmandu.  Durbar Square is the centre of attraction for all.  It is located in the centre of Kathmandu.  Durbar Square is surrounded by temples, monuments, colourful shops and bustling streets.  It also houses the most famous building of Kathmandu, the old royal palace which was built in the 1500s and 1600s. The palace consists of several courtyards too.  Outside the main gate of the palace, there is a huge stone idol of the monkey- the Hanuman god.

In the Kathmandu valley, there is the Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest Buddhist monuments in Nepal. Every year thousands of people visit the Boudhanath Stupa, which is known for its white dome. Swayambhunath is another famous Buddhist site. Pashupatinath, one of the largest Hindu temple complexes in Southeast Asia, is on the bank of the Bagmati River. These three sites, along with Durbar Square, have been designated World Heritage sites by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Apart from all these, the fascination of Thamel is unexplainable. 

Thus, I always prefer to visit Kathmandu Valley, one of the most attractive places for all to visit.


You might have noticed different pronunciations of the same letter.


bench /tʃ/

character /k/

machine /ʃ/

cell /s/

comfort /k/

Listen to your teacher and group the words according to the pronunciation of the letter(s) in red.

attach /tʃ/

electrician /ʃ/

ache /k/

chaos /k/

much /tʃ/

musician /ʃ/

architect /k/

mechanic /k/

sandwich  /tʃ/

beautician /ʃ/

chemical /k/

technology /k/

which /tʃ/

decent  /s/

chemist /k/

scheme /k/

detach /tʃ/

incident /s/

mechanical /k/

cholera /k/

ostrich /tʃ/

cordial /k/

chorus /k/

brochure  /s/

spinach  /tʃ/

traffic /k/

echo /k/

champagne /ʃ/

enrich /tʃ/

club /k/




A. Read and act out the following model conversation in threes.

Conversation I

Abhi: My father works in a factory.

Reema: So does mine.

Bikalpa: But mine works in a bakery.

Conversation II

Namita: I visit my parents regularly.

Angel: So do l. I visit them at least once a month.

Pratik: But I don't. I just call them from time to time.

Conversation III

Lumanti: Mr. Joshi looks so intelligent, doesn’t he?

Nita: Yes, he does. He answers each question so perfectly. But he is rather strict.

Saru: So is Mrs. Karki. She hardly allows me to go out during her class.

B. Work in threes. Have similar conversations in the situations below.

a. Ask a friend about his/her interests on sports and agree or disagree with the views.

Me: Which game do you play much?

Ram: I play ludo much.

Shyam: So do I. I play ludo every single day.

Hari: But I don't. I feel bored if someone plays ludo.

b. Imagine that you want to be a teacher. Talk to your friend if they agree with you.

Me: I want to be a teacher.

Ram: So do I. I like this profession.

Hari: But I don't. I hate teaching profession. 

c. A friend has a keen interest in drawing maps and figures. Show your agreement/disagreement on it.

Rohan: I have keen interest in drawing maps and figures. 

Me: So do I. It's so interesting hobby.

Ram: But I don't. I'm interested in playing video games instead of drawing. 

C. Complete the broken dialogue choosing the given expressions and act it out in pairs.

I don't have such an opportunity 

So does my uncle

But I live with my parents

don't you

Neither does my mother

Puja: Sushma, you live with your aunt, don't you?

Sushma: Yes, I do. I've been living with her since I came to the city.

Puja: My mother is a mason and my father teaches in a primary school.

Sushma : Oh, does he? So does my uncle. He teaches secondary students. He finds some time to help me with my studies.

Puja: Really? You are very fortunate. I don't have such an opportunity. Anyway, my father always encourages me to be a good human being.

Sushma: Well, my aunt always thinks about how I can get good achievements in my studies. She hardly teaches me life skills.

Puja: Neither does my mother. She only tells me to read and write.

Grammar I

A. Match the sentences in column A with their question tags in column B.

Column A

a. They don't need to come this evening,

Column B 》do they?

b. James is working on that,

Column B 》isn't he?

c. Punam’s parents have been retired,

Column B 》haven't they?

d. It was raining that day,

Column B 》wasn't  it?

e. You hadn't met me before,

Column B 》had you?

f. He never came again,

Column B 》did he?

g. She can rarely come these days,

Column B 》can she?

h. You hardly ever came late,

Column B 》did you?

i. I barely know you,

Column B 》do I?

j. You would scarcely expect her to know


Column B 》would you?

k. Nothing will happen,

Column B 》will it?

l. Iam right,

Column B 》aren't I?

m. You have to go,

Column B 》don't you?

n. I have been answering,

Column B 》haven't I?

o. Nothing came in the post,

Column B 》did it?

B. Supply the correct question tags.

a. This'll work, ........?

won't it

b. Well, I couldn't help it, ........?

could I?

c. But you don't really love her, ......?

do you?

d. We'd never have known, .......?

would we

e. The weather's bad, ........?

isn't it

f. You won't be late, ........ ?

will you

g. Nobody knows, ........ ?

do they

h. You have a bath daily, ........?

don't you

i. You couldn't help me, ........?

could you

j. Shut up,....... ?

will you

k. She's been working hard the whole day,.......?

hasn't she

l. He's admitted to Patan Hospital last night,.....?

wasn't he

m. You can make it,....... ?

can't you

n. Don't forget,....... ?

will you

o. Let's have some fun,...... ?

shall we?

p. Let us chat,....... ?

will you

q. Your phone didn't break down, ........"?

did it

Writing I

Write a short travelogue featuring a place thet vou have recently visited. Use the clues given below.

Where did you go?

How did you plan it?

Who did you travel with?

Did you have any special purpose for this travel?

What are some memorable activities and experiences?

Have you learnt anything important?


A Memorable Journey of Tekanpur: A Beautiful Village in Sindhupalchok District 

Today, I would like to share with you a short travelogue of my favourite place, Tekanpur, a beautiful and charming location in the Sindhupalchok district.  It was my dream to visit this place as I had heard about the various beautiful features of this place from a good friend of mine who is a native of this particular place.  During the monsoon vacations of our school, my class friends decided to visit Sindhupalchok district.  I was feeling very excited to hear about my holiday destination.  I convinced all my friends about Tekanpur and they all agreed to my proposal.  We were seven friends on that trip.  We decided to visit various places on our bikes.  Among other places, our first destination was Tekanpur.  We started our journey on Monday at 10 am on our bikes.  We enjoyed a lot during our ride.  After leaving the crowd of Dhulikhel, the way to the jungle was a very beautiful experience for all of us.  When the highway started along the Sunkoshi River, we stopped our bikes several times to click photos.  The greenery around us made us feel very happy.  The drizzling rain also set our mood for most of the time.  We had a sumptuous breakfast at Dolalghat.  We ate fresh and delicious fish fries.  We all were very careful about the speed limit of our bikes.  We moved very slowly enjoying every beautiful spot on the highway. 

After three hours we reached a town called Khadichaur.  We found the Khadichaur market very small but very attractive.  We asked one of the local people about the location of Tekanpur and started our journey again.  After a 10-minute ride crossing Lamoshangu, we reached a place called Damside.  We stopped our bikes and again got down to the task of clicking photos.  We felt very relaxed away from the burden of schoolwork.  After this, we started towards our beautiful destination Tekanpur.  The road to the top had many twists and turns.  The road was very slippery and we concentrated on our driving.  The experience of climbing uphill in the jungle was extraordinary.  It took us five and a half hours to reach our first destination from Kathmandu.  After reaching Tekanpur, we stopped our bikes and started looking for a hotel to stay the night.  We found a hotel called Bohara Hotel and arranged our luggage in the rooms.  In the evening, we kept roaming here and there.  This village looked very attractive because of its geographical location.  The village and its surrounding greenery provided us with immense entertainment and enjoyment.  The hotel owner served very tasty food.  We enjoyed a lot in our rooms too.  The next morning, the view of the village was wonderful.  Everyone appreciated my decision to choose this place.  We took a walking tour of other places in Tekanpur.  Mr. Bohra gave us information about "Love You Hill" and the tourist place "Tauthali".  We again started our bikes and visited these two beautiful places.  "Love You Hill" provided us with views of beautiful hills.  Tauthali made us feel great with its building structures and Tripura Sundari Temple.  We felt very peaceful after visiting this famous temple in this district. 

The trip to Tekanpur was quite remarkable overall.  We all friends learned the importance of enjoyment and entertainment in our life.  By visiting new places we get knowledge about different things and also get the meaning of blissful life.



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