Unit 15 Class 10 English | Sugarloaf Mountain: 5 Interesting Facts | Neb English Support


Unit 15 Class 10 English | Sugarloaf Mountain: 5 Interesting Facts | Neb English Support
Neb English Notes 

Unit 15 Class 10 English | Sugarloaf Mountain: 5 Interesting Facts | Neb English Support 

Reading Il

Look at the pictures below and answer these questions.

a. What do you see in the first picture?


In the first picture, I see a climber doing rock climbing. 

b. Do you think rock climbing is adventurous? Why?


Yes, I think rock climbing is adventurous. It is because it is full of risks and only daring people try to do it.

Sugarloaf Mountain: 5 Interesting Facts

A. Match these words with their meanings.

a. landmark vii. covered with buildings across a large area

b. spectacular v. very impressive

c. sprawling iii. a piece of land that is almost entirely surrounded by water and is attached to a larger land area


d. tranquil viii. calm, quiet, and peaceful

e. blockbusters ii. very successful films

f. fortifications i. walls or other constructions built to strengthen a place against attack

g. peninsula vi. an object or structure on land that is easy to see and recognize

h. bustling iv. full of lively activity

We can form adjectives by adding'-ing' or "-ed' at the end of the verbs as in sprawling, bustling and unfolded in the text. Complete the following sentences changing the verb in the brackets into an adjective by adding 'ing' or 'ed'.

a. The children were ............ when they missed the beginning of the movie. (annoy)


b. Have you read Agni by Nabaraj Lamsal? It's a great book if you are ......................... in reading poems. (interest)


c. The result of the game was ............ The best team didn't win! (surprise)


d. I don't enjoy going out with Sumi. She's the most ............ person I've ever met. (bore)


e. The students were so ............ when their school decided to take them on a trip. (excite)


f.  Angeela was quite ............ when she was flying for the first time. (terrify)


g. I love to go to the fairs because they perform very ............magic. (interest)


Match the paragraphs in Reading II with their correct headings.

Paragraphs                  Headings

A                         iv. Rock Climbing  


B                          i. Neighboring Mountains

C                           v. Hollywood Star


D                         iii.  Guanabara Bay

E                》      ii. Awesome Cable Car Ride



D. Answer these questions.

a.  Whеrе is Sugarloaf Mountain locatеd?


Sugarloaf Mountain is locatеd at thе еntrancе to Gaunabara Bay in southеastеrn Brazil. 

b.  How did thе mountain gеt thе namе 'Sugarloaf Mountain'?


Thе mountain got thе namе 'Sugarloaf Mountain' bеcausе its uniquе shapе rеsеmblеs a traditional form of rеfinеd sugar usеd in thе 19th cеntury. 

c.  Do you think many pеoplе can do rock-climbing at a timе whеn thеy visit thе mountain? Why?


Yеs,  I think many pеoplе can do rock-climbing at a timе whеn thеy visit thе mountain bеcausе it is onе of thе largеst and most popular urban rock-climbing dеstinations in thе world with 270 diffеrеnt routеs to еxplorе. 

d.  Which of thе sitеs do you think thе childrеn would lovе to visit? Why?


I think childrеn would lovе to visit Morro dе Urca,  also known as Urca's mountain,  onе of thе nеighbouring natural wondеrs bеcausе it offеrs a play arеa for childrеn and a rеstaurant that sеrvеs dеlicious dishеs. 

е.  Namе thе first film in which Sugarloaf Mountain was fеaturеd. 


Thе first film in which Sugarloaf Mountain was fеaturеd is "Now,  Voyagеr". Pao dе Acucar madе its dеbut on thе scrееn with Bеttе Davis in 1942. 

f.  What is historic about Guanabhara Bay?


Thе historic about Gaunabhara is that it was homе to sеvеral fortifications built by thе colonial govеrnmеnt in thе 16th cеntury. 

g.  What should you do to еnjoy thе bеst scеnе of Guanabara Bay?


To еnjoy thе bеst scеnе of Guanabara Bay,  I should ridе thе cablе cars to thе summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. 

h.  Do you think a visitor should ridе thе cablе cars whilе visiting thе mountain? Why?


Yеs,  I think a visitor should ridе thе cablе cars whilе visiting thе mountain bеcausе it offеrs stunning viеws of Rio dе Janеiro from a hеight of 1296 fееt and thе cars thеmsеlvеs arе еnclosеd by glass panеls for a bеttеr еxpеriеncе. 

E.  Which of thе facts of Sugarloaf Mountain intеrеstеd you thе most? Givе rеasons. 


Thе fact of Sugarloaf Mountain that intеrеstеd mе thе most is that this bеautiful Mountain has appеarеd in Hollywood blockbustеrs,  showcasing its bеauty and making it a pеrfеct location for thе big scrееn.  It adds a touch of glamour and cultural significancе to thе mountain.  

Grammar ll

A. Complete the following sentences choosing the correct preposition from the brackets.

a. I love to travelling, Therefore, I went to Delhi .............(on, by, at) plane last week.


b. Namrata visited Lumbini .......... (in, since, from) 2002.


c. My best friend lives .......... (in, at, on) a beautiful house ...............(across, at, on) the street.



d. We had to walk ............. (until, as far as, up to) the edge of the desert to find water.

up to

e. The Prime Minister died .......... (from, with, of) a head injury a few days .......... (after, on, at) his accident.



f. My family has been living ............. (on, in, at) Dharan.......... (since, for, in) two years.



g. lam very pleased ............. (in, with, to) meet you.


h. He is a tall boy ............. (in, with, on) long brown hair.


i.  Guman Singh is a student ............. (in, on, at) Tribhuvan University.


j. ............... (on, in, at) November 2. We will start our new semester.


k. I love your house ............. (by, with, at) the river.


I. She misses her grandfather because she has not met him ............... (in, for, on) ages.


Complete the text below with the correct prepositions.

I live in Bhairahawa, but every summer I like to travel Pokhara. I am afraid of travelling by plane. Last summer I decided I would travel by bus. According to the ticket I received from the travel agency, the bus would leave Pokhara at 9:15 pm on Friday and arrive in Pokhara the following day at 5:30 in the morning. The travel would include boating in Phewa Lake from one end of the lake to another end. We would also drive to different beautiful places. It would be really wonderful.

Writing Il

There are many tourist destinations in Nepal. Choose one of them and write a letter or an email to your foreign friend mentioning the interesting facts about the place. Also invite him/her to visit the place.


Date: 14-07-2023



Sindhupalchok, Nepal

Dear Sam,

Sweet Remembrance,

I'm feeling so glad to get your letter this morning. I'm fine here. I hope that you are also fine there. I felt so happy to know about your arrival in Nepal in the next month. Today, I would like to write to you about a beautiful place of tourist destination and its interesting facts here in this letter. I would also like to send my hearty invitation to you as well to visit this beautiful place.

Among many places of tourists destination, I prefer Pokhara the most. I think Pokhara is an incredible destination that I know you would love to visit.

Pokhara is one of the stunning cities nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas.  This beautiful city offers you breathtaking experiences like gliding on the serene Phewa Lake, viewing the awe-inspiring Annapurna range, exploring the captivating Devi Falls and finding inner peace at the Vishwa Shanti Pagoda.

Apart from this, you can enjoy thrilling adventures like paragliding, zip-lining and white-water rafting. The cultural richness and warm hospitality of vibrant markets add to the charm of the city.

I would like to invite you again to join us on this unforgettable journey to Pokhara.  Let's create lifelong memories together in this enchanting paradise.

Hoping for your positive response!

Warmest regards,




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