Unit 10 Class 10 English | Popularity of Different Sports in the World | Neb English Notes


Unit 10 Class 10 English | Popularity of Different Sports in the World | Neb English Notes
Neb English Notes 

Unit 10 Class 10 English | Popularity of Different Sports in the World | Neb English Notes 

Reading ll

Answer these questions.

a. What do you think the most popular sport in the world is?


I think the most popular sport in the world is football. 

b. How often do you play or watch it?


I play or watch it whenever I get free time.

Popularity of Different Sports in the World

A. Fill in the crossword puzzle with the correct words from the text.


1. a person who works as a professional, especially in a sport


4, existing for longer than people can remember; very old


6. possible to approach, enter, or use


9. long and thin, often in a way that is unusual



2. a British game by two teams using a bat and ball


3. connected with activities that people do for pleasure when they are not working


5. a hit of the ball before it touches the ground


7. a large pile of earth or stones; a small hill


8. showing or feeling respect and slight fear


B. Write the names of the sports shown in the pictures below.


1. Rugby  2. Golf  3. Baseball  4. Hockey

5. Lawn tennis   6. Table tennis 

B. Choose the correct alternative and answer the questions.

a. Which two games are popular in the world for their cheap equipment?

i. football and hockey

ii. football and basketball

iii. basketball and volleyball

ii. football and basketball

b. In which countries is cricket particularly popular?

i. Canada, America and Africa

ii. UK, America and Australia

iii. India, Pakistan and Australia

iii. India, Pakistan and Australia

c.  What is the significant difference between regular volleyball and beach volleyball?

i. the number of teams

ii. the number of players

iii. the size of playground

ii. the number of players

d. Which of the following games involve the use of ball and bat?

i. baseball and cricket

ii. rugby and cricket

iii. hockey and cricket

i. baseball and cricket

e. Which country is supposed to have named 'golf'?

i. Scotland ii. England iii. the Netherlands

iii. the Netherlands

f. Which of the following games have their varieties in terms of the places they are played?

i. rounders and baseball

ii. hockey and volleyball

iii. football and cricket

ii. hockey and volleyball



C. Answer these questions in short.

a. Mention any two reasons behind the popularity of sports in the world.


The two reasons behind the popularity of sports in the world are mentioned below.

1. Sports have health benefits 

 2. Sports provide recreation.

b. What do historical evidences say about the origin of football?


About the origin of football,   evidences say that football originated in China two thousand years ago when people played a similar game there but modern football as we know was originated in England in the 19th century.

c. What is the main difference between cricket and baseball?


The main difference between cricket and baseball is that both games are played on different pitches such as long rectangular pitches for cricket and diamond-shaped pitch for baseball. Bats used in cricket are flat whereas round in baseball. 

d. How is regular volleyball played?


Regular volleyball is played with two teams of six players. Each competes on opposite sides of a raised net. To score points, each team tries to "volley" the ball on the ground towards the other team.

e. Who originated basketball and when?


James Naismith originated basketball in the late 19th century. He was a Canadian, teaching at a school in the US.

f. What risk is involved in rugby?


The risk of serious physical injury is involved in rugby. Rugby is a contact sport involving a lot of tackling. In rugby, players wear very little protection.

D. Rank the games mentioned in the text above in the order of your preferences.


1. Football 

2. Cricket

3. Volleyball

4. Baseball 

5. Basketball

6. Hockey

7. Rugby

8. Table tennis 

9. Golf

Grammar ll

A. Complete the text below with the correct alternative from the brackets.

A man who wanted (wanted, is wanted, was wanted) to buy an ass went to market. Coming across a likely-looking beast, he arranged (was arranged, arranged, had been arranged) with the owner that he should be allowed (allowed, be allowed, was allowing) to take him home on trial to see what the beast was like. When the man reached (reached, was reached, will be reached) home, he put the beast into his stable along with the other asses. The newcomer looked around, and immediately went and chose a place next to the laziest and greediest beast in the stable. When the master saw (saw, was seen , had been seen) this, he put a halter on him at once, and led (led, was lead, was leading) him off and handed (handed, was handed, will be handed) him over to his owner. The latter was surprised (surprised, was surprising, was surprised) to see him back so soon. He inquired, "Why, do you mean to say have tested (have tested, have been tested, was tested) him already?" "I don't want to put him through any more tests," replied the other. "I could see (could see, could be seen, could have seen) what sort of beast, he is from the companion he chose for himself."

B. Complete the sentences below with the correct alternative from the brackets.

a. People always ........... (are admired, admire, are being admired) this picture.

People always admire this picture.

b. His leg was hurt in the accident’. This is to say: He ...........(hurts his leg, is hurt his leg, hurt his leg) in the accident.

He hurt his leg in the accident. 

c.Some people dress their children very badly. The passive form of the sentence is : (Their children are very badly dressed, Their children dress very badly, There are very badly dressed)

Their children are very badly dressed

d. Two of my dinner plates have been broken. That means........ (someone broke two of my dinner plates, two of my dinner plates have broken, someone has broken two of my dinner plates)

someone has broken two of my dinner plates

e. They will forget this story in few years, This story ...........(will forget, will be forgotten, will have been forgotten) in few years.

This story will be forgotten in few years.

f. You must answer all the questions. All the questions...........(must be answered, must answer, must answered).

All the questions must be answered.

g. The packet of biscuits has been eaten by the boys, This is to say............... the packet of biscuits, (the boys ate, the boys have eaten, the boys had eaten)

》the boys have eaten the packet of biscuits.

h. The bridge was built last year. The active voice of the statement is ........... (the bridge built last year, people built the bridge last year, the people have built the bridge last year)

》people built the bridge last year.

i. The field is being ploughed by the farmers. The farmers............. (plough the field, are ploughing the field, will plough the field)

》The farmers are ploughing the field.

j. How is a tiger trapped? The active voice of the statement is:............................(How does a tiger trap, How are people trap a tiger, How do people trap a tiger)

》How do people trap a tiger?

k. "The teacher will help us." This statement has a passive voice as ................. (we will be helped, the teacher will be helped, we will help the teacher)

》we will be helped by the teacher.

l. ‘The tiger should be preserved’ is the passive voice of................. (the tiger should preserve, we should preserve the tiger, people should be preserved)

》we should preserve the tiger.

m. The bird has built a nest. It means .............(a nest has built, a nest has been build, a nest has been built) by the bird.

a nest has been built by the bird.

C. Change the sentences below into passive voice.

a. People could hear the noise of explosion from a distance.

The noise of explosion could be heard from a distance. 

b. We ought to break down the building before it collapses.

The building ought to be broken down before it collapses. 

c. Has he translated the book in any other language?

Has the book been translated in any other languages by him?

d. I like people driving me to my home.

I like being driven to my home.

e. Can anybody solve this problem?

Can this problem be solved?

f. We had to book the ticket in advance because of the festive season.

The ticket had to be booked in advance because of the festive season. 

g. Who might have stolen your bicycle?

By whom might your bicycle have been stolen?

h. I didn't notice that you were recording the class.

I didn't notice that the class was being recorded.

I. Does he always sing songs in the party?

Are songs always sung by him in the party.

j. She will draw the painting beautifully.

The paining will be drawn beautifully by her.

k. Let the mechanic repair my bike.

Let my bike be repaired by the mechanic.

l. People believe that the Mahabharata was fought in the 10th century BCE.

The Mahabharata was believed to have fought in the 10th century BCE.

m. What are you instructing them now?

What are they being instructed now.

Writing Il

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the upcoming Sports Day/ Week in your school. Include the following points in your dialogue.

Time and venue of the sports day/week

Types of events


Prize distribution, etc.


Me: Hi! Ram. How are you?

Ram: Hello! Shyam. I'm fine thank you. And you.

Me: I'm also fine thank you. Long time no see.

Ram: Oh! I had gone to Pokhara to meet my uncle. 

Me: That's great. Do you know about our school's upcoming sports event?

Ram: No, I don't. Would you please tell me about the sports event?

Me: Sure. Our school has announced sports day from coming Friday. It will start on Friday at 10 AM. The sports events will take place on our school grounds. The sports will take place between all four houses of our school. Varieties of sports will be organised by our house teachers. There are various sports events like races, high jump, long jump, shot put, cock fight, volleyball and table tennis. The students of the four houses will participate in the sports day. There are altogether 35 players from all houses. The house which will secure more gold medals will be announced as the winner of the sporting event. The winner will get medals, certificates as well as a cash prize. The prize distribution will be held on Sunday at 10 AM. I think the sports day will be so interesting. 

Ram: Thank you so much for your kind information. I will join you on Friday morning.

Me: Welcome. Sure.

Extra bit

Facts about the English Language

The English language is widely spoken on six continents. It is the primary language of the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and various Caribbean and Pacific island nations, also an official language of India, the Philippines, and many sub-Saharan African countries. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and the most widely taught foreign language. Its history began with the migration of the Jutes, Angles, and Saxons from Germany and Denmark to Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries. The Norman Conquest of 1066 brought many French words into English. Greek and Latin words began to enter it in the 15th century, and Modern English is usually dated from 1500.

English easily borrows words from other languages and has coined many new words to reflect advances in technology. English has become so ubiquitous that all pilots, regardless of their native language, must be able to communicate in English.

Here is the list of the top 10 most contributing languages to English:

Language & Examples

1. Latin


agriculture, language, justice, science, forum, circus, dominatrix, religion, city

2. French


art, dance, jewel, painting, ballet, government, salon, brigade, infantry

3. Greek


phobia, academy, siren, lexicon, muse, democracy, psyche, atlas, platonic, biology, comedy, tragedy

4. German


blitz, kindergarten, poodle, noodle, pretzel,

sauerkraut, lager, zeppelin

5. Italian


opera, piano, broccoli, spaghetti, prima, pesto, viola, pizza, cappuccino, latte

6. Spanish


canyon, tornado, tortilla, barricade, guitar,

7. Dutch


cruise, dock, dock, yacht, easel, landscape. sketch, booze, cookie, gin

8. Scandinavian


ski, saga, sauna, slalom

9. Japanese


kimono, sushi, tsunami, kamikaze

10. Arabic


alcohol, algebra, zero, zenith, giraffe, sultan



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