How to Write an Essay | Compulsory English Class 8 | 9 and SEE by Suraj Bhatt

How to Write an Essay | Compulsory English Class 8 | 9 and SEE by Suraj Bhatt
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How to Write an Essay | Compulsory English Class 8 | 9 and SEE by Suraj Bhatt

How to Write an Essay



An essay is a written piece of composition. It contains an expression of one's personal opinions or ideas or feelings on a subject.

The Subject of an Essay

An essay can have an endless variety of subjects. It is, therefore; there is no boundary that the essay should be written on any definite subjects. An essayist can choose his subjects anything from heaven to earth.

Parts of Essays

An essay is usually divided into three parts:

1. The Introduction

2. The body of the essay

3. The conclusion

1. The Introduction:

The first paragraph contains the introduction of the topic. It should be shorter than the body of the essay itself. It should be very striking and interesting. It should attract the attention of the readers and induce them to read on. It should explain the title. It should be very much striking.

2. The Body:

This is the main part of the essay. It consists of the appropriate facts and figures. The paragraphs should be well connected. The topics should be well discussed.

3. The Conclusion:

The ending also should be short and striking. It should be natural. There shouldn't be a forced ending.



The style is one of the most important aspects in the essay. It differs from person to person. However, some of the following points can prove important in this regard.

1. You must understand and know the topic very nicely before you begin the essay.

2. The words you use in the essay should be matching to your feelings. Do not use the words or the. phrases that you do not know. As such the words and the phrases should exactly express your ideas.

3. You should avoid repetition of the words as much as possible.

4. Do not write unnecessary words or phrases.

5. Be natural and do not try to copy others.

Hints on Essay - Writing

Following are some of the hits to be followed while writing an essay:

1. Never start writing the essay as soon as the topic is given.

Think carefully for some time and plan what to write.

2. Make rough sketches of what you know about the topic.

3. Raise several questions about the subject of the essay and try thinking about their possible answers.

4. Never go away from the subject of the essay.

5. Think about how should your ideas be expressed so that your essays become intelligent and interesting.

6. Arrange your ideas serially. Don't mix up your ideas. Be careful; what should come first shouldn't come in the middle or the last and vice-versa.

We shall begin writing essays as a beginner. First, frame a lot of questions, and then systematically answer all of them. Collect all the answers and put them in paragraphs. In this way, you can mare an essay.

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