Unit 12 Class 10 English: Nature and Development | Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track: A Project of National Pride | Neb English Notes


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Unit 12 Class 10 English: Nature and Development  | Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track: A  Project of National Pride | Neb English Notes

Unit 12 Class 10 English: Nature and Development

Reading I

Look at the picture and answer these questions.

a. Which development project is shown in the picture?


Kathmandu-terai/madhesh Fast Track project is shown in the picture.

b. Why is this project a national pride?


This project is a national pride because it is a mega highway project of strategic importance in Nepal.

Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track: A Project of National Pride

A. Complete the crossword puzzle below with the words from the text.


3. weak and without protection


5. the amount by which something is less than what is needed


6. to provide with a space 


8. events that cause great harm and misery


10. using new methods or ideas



1. things that limit or control what you can do


2. to make an action or a process possible or easier


4. the state of being crowded


7. the physical movement of goods from one point to another


9. to collect or increase something gradually


B. Complete the following sentences choosing the best alternatives.

a. The total length in KTFT from Khokana to Nijgadh is .................

i. 72.5 km  ii. 55.49 km  iii. 10,60 km

i. 72.5 km

b. Nepal can reduce the consumption of petroleum products after completing KTFT as it .....................

i. contributes to economic growth

ii. enhances connectivity

iii. shortens travel time

iii. shortens travel time

c. The main challenge of the project upon completion is.........................

i. managing crowd in Kathmandu

ii. controlling road accident

iii. establishing link roads

iii. establishing link roads

d. According to the writer, the success on completing the project depends on .................

i. cost

ii. technology

iii. socio-economic benefits

ii. technology

C. Answer these questions.

a. What type of project is Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track?


Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track is a mega highway project of strategic importance in Nepal.

b. How is KTFT going to reduce the consumption of petrol in Nepal?


KTFT is going to reduce the consumption of petrol in Nepal by reducing the distance of travel time. Fuel consumption depends on travel time. If the distance of travel time shortens, the consumption of fuel also reduces.

c. Will this project help in promoting tourism in Nepal? How?


Yes, this project will help in promoting tourism in Nepal. KTFT's improved link will provide a viable option for tourists to reach Nepal via the southern border. Travelling to Nepal via the fast track will also be simpler for tourists from India and also from other countries.

d. How does this project contribute to the development of high-skill human resource in Nepal? 


This project contributes to the development of high-skill human resource in Nepal by providing them with the chance to sharpen their knowledge and skills with the new technology. People will have a chance to improve their knowledge and learn varieties of new things.

e. How does the project help the people living in the Eastern Terai?


The project helps the people living in the Eastern Terai by providing them with quick and easy access from Kathmandu to Terai. It will help the people of Terai in different fields such as health, education, jobs and new markets. It will facilitate the connection of Nijgadh International Airport to the capital efficiently. It will be used to provide food, water and medical supplies in case of natural calamities. 



D. How is KTFT likely to affect the environment? Discuss.


KTFT is likely to affect the environment by bringing adverse effects on the environment. Large projects often bring negative impacts on environmental conditions. During KTFT's construction phase, air pollution will surely be seen due to dust particles with the rock blasting quarrying and dumping of filling particles. Next, trees will be chopped in a high ratio which will cause air pollution on a larger scale.


The following words are pronounced differently in the American English and the British English. With the help of a dictionary or your teacher, pronounce the words in both

vitamin 》 



privacy 》



schedule 》



advertisement 》



leisure 》



mobile 》



vase 》



dynasty 》



herb 》



produce 》



basil 》 



garage 》



hostile 》



montage 》



salon 》




A. Look at the pictures and talk what might happen next. Discuss what is sure to happen and what might probably happen.

Example : The river is sure to be polluted.

B. Practise the conversations below.

Conversation I

Yugen: Where is Karan?

Ritik: It's two. He must be at his office.

Samyog: He might be at the canteen.

Binay: He can't have gone out. His car is there at the parking.

Conversation II

Hema: Will the price of petrol go down?

Dilasha: I'm pretty sure it will go down when people use more electric vehicles.

Crystal: It's unlikely to go down. The demand of petrol is increasing day by day.

Sneha: I think it certainly won't go down. If it goes down, they will cut the production.

Now, have conversations in the situations given below. You may use the expressions from the box.

must/may/ might/could + infinitive

must/can't have + past participle

may/might/could have + past participle

definitely/certainly/ probably.................

a. The SEE schedule is going to be published.

Ram: Is the schedule of SEE going to be published?

Hari: It's the 8th of this month. NEB must publish the schedule within three days.

Sita: No, they might take two weeks more to publish the schedule due to the management of exam centres.

Shyam: I'm pretty sure NEB will publish the schedule in a fixed time.



b. Your pet dog is lost.

Ram: Where is your pet dog?

Me: I don't know. I didn't find it for 3 hours. It must have been lost.

Sam: I don't think so. It may be playing somewhere in the neighbourhood. 

Garry: It can't have gone much far. I have seen it in the next pool sometime earlier.

c.  Grishma is not at home.

Anny: Where is Grishma? 

Sima: She might be in her friend's house.

Tina: She can't have gone there. Her door is still open.

Jane: At this time, she must be in her kitchen garden. She always works in her kitchen garden in the evening time.

d. Poonam is carrying heavy luggage.

Jenny: Is Poonam carrying heavy luggage?

Azy: She is unlikely to carry heavy luggage. She is so weak.

Passy: I think John must be helping her. John always helps her.

Sasy: John! John can't have helped her. They had a mess with each other.

e. Tina doesn't speak Nepali.

Samia: Doesn't Tina speak Nepali?

Kate: No, she doesn't. She must be from abroad.

Jane: I don't think so. She is sure to speak the Nepali language and have Nepali citizenship. 

Salini: She can't have got Nepali citizenship. Her cases are still pending in court.

f.  Chhoisang is preparing for IELTS.

Han: Is Chhoisang preparing for IELTS?

Rubu: Yes. He is likely to take the IELTS examination. He talked about IELTS classes sometimes earlier. 

San: I think he certainly will be learning languages. His main goal is to go abroad for further study.

Marsh: I think he probably won't leave this place. He has never shared his intentions regarding abroad study with me.

g. The road is cleared by the police.

Ram: Is the road cleared by the police?

Shyam: I think the police must have come there to clear the road.

Hari: It's not possible. They are unlikely to work there. There are still problems with the falling stones in the place.

Jagat: I agree. They will certainly manage the right equipment before moving there to clear the road.

h. The dog is barking.

Harry: Is the dog barking?

Jane: It's midnight time. It must be sleeping. 

Pila: I don't think so. It can't have slept. Dogs are so attentive during nighttime. 

Sasy: I think this dog certainly won't know about our arrival if we choose the way behind the house.

Grammar I

A. Match the sentence halves in A with B to form sentences.

  A                                                           B

a. Hurry up! We're leaving....... ii. in ten minutes.

b. They'll be watching a movie in a theatre .....iv. at this time next week.

c. We will have arrived home......v. by this time Sunday.

d. It's definite. My friends and I are going to travel ...iii. next winter.

e. I think he will be rich and famous .....i. one day.

B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use the future simple, be going to, future perfect or future continuous.

a. As per the schedule, the exam .............. (start) at exactly 11 o'clock.

is going to start 

b. See you at the airport! I .............. (carry) an orange suitcase.

will be carrying

c. Don't worry! I .............. (not leave) without you.

won't leave

d. We certainly .............. (not finish) all the work by this week.

won't have finished 

e. Sagun has decided that he .............. (invite) some of her friends for dinner after work.

will invite

f. ................ the receptionist ............... (remember) to call the students this afternoon?



g. What ....................you....................... (do) at the weekend?


going to do

h. I .................... (not/work) tomorrow so we can go shopping.

won't be working 

i. If you touch the stove, you .............. (burn) yourself.

will burn

i. Next week at this time we .............. (fly) to Dubai for a trip.

will be flying

Writing I

There may be different development works ongoing in your community. Study one of them and write a report on it. Take the text in Reading I as a sample.


The Developmental Work of Paved Road: A Rising Hope for People

Damside and Tauthali paved road connection is a developmental work that has been sanctioned by the mayor of Tripurasundari Municipality. This road is a rising hope for all the people of this municipality. The gravel and unmanaged road of yesterday has got full permission for transformation today. The developmental work of this road has been started. The length of this road is about 14 kilometres. The people of this place are so happy to see this task. The budget for this new road is approximately 30 crores. We can find all the engineers, workers, different types of machinery, tools etc. right now on the road. All are actively contributing to this developmental work. This work will surely bring a very positive result in the upcoming days. This work will help in the entire municipality's economic growth and also provide immense opportunities for jobs for people. This paved road connection will definitely bring prosperity and progress to the entire municipality and its people. There are potential benefits of this paved road connection in the upcoming days. These benefits are as follows.


1. People will have easy access to two destinations. 

2. People will reach their destinations in a very short time.

3. Paved road connection will allow people to do their different kinds of business easily.

4. It will help in establishing a bond relationship between the people of the two places.

5. This work will provide jobs to unemployed people of this municipality. 

6. People will get fine opportunities for medical care, education, jobs etc.

7. Due to this paved road, the rates of land will also increase.

8. It will enhance tourism. The attraction of tourists will also increase.


This developmental project is really very important for all the people of this place. It will enhance the life of people through various opportunities. The future of this place is so prosperous and progressive.



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