Unit 18 Class 10 English: Media and Entertainment | Hachi: A Dog's Tale | Neb English Notes


Neb English Notes 

Unit 18 Class 10 English: Media and Entertainment | Hachi: A Dog's Tale | Neb English Notes 

Unit 18 Class 10 English: Media and Entertainment

Reading I

Answer these questions.

a. How often do you watch movies?


I watch movies once a week in my free time. 

b. What kind of movies do you prefer to watch? Why?


I prefer to watch animation movies because animated movies are full of comic elements. 

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

A. Find the words from the text for the meanings given below.

a. ............... never changing or becoming weaker


b. .................. great love, care and support for somebody/ something


c. .....................a person who travels some distance to work on a regular basis


d. .................... a person or company that sells goods or services


e. .................. the act of changing something make it suitable for a new situation


f. ...................... to strengthen with some added piece, support, or material


g. .................. having or showing strong feelings


h. ................... connecting with film and how they are made


i. ......................not having any connection with religion


B. State whether the following statements are true or false.

a. Laura Busch is one of the characters in the movie.


b. The dog is the symbol of love, devotion and loyalty.


c. The story of the movie is based on a real incident.


d. Portraving the traditional values of marriage is one of the weaknesses of the movie.


e. Strong bonding between the dog and his master makes everyone emotional.


f. This film is different from other family films.


C. Answer these questions.

a. What is the name of the dog in the movie?


The name of the dog in the movie is Hachi.

b. Who directed the movie?


Lasse Hallstrom directed the movie.

c. How was the relationship between the dog and his master?


The relationship between the dog and his master, Parker, was unwavering loyalty and devotion.

d. Why was the statue of the dog made?


The statue of the dog was made in honour of Hachi's faithfulness and loyalty.

e. Write any two weaknesses of the film.


Two weaknesses of the film are:

▪︎ Some viewers find it bothersome to note that the film's portrayal of Parker and his wife's kisses are not passionate.

▪︎ Some viewers may perceive the use of the number "8" around Hachi's neck as a misuse of it.

f. What things in the movie touch the heart of the audience?


The following are the things in the movie that touch the heart of the audience.

1. The bond relationship between Haichi and his master Parker.

2. The unwavering devotion, loyalty and love of Haichi towards his master Parker.



D. If you had a chance to ask the screenwriter of the movie a question, what would you ask? Discuss.


If I had a chance to ask the screenwriter of the movie a question, I would ask him the following question.

What inspired you to choose this true story of Hachi Dog and adapt it into a screenplay?

I think this one is the right question for the screenwriter. Through this question, I would easily get the motives of the screenwriter behind the making of this movie.


A. Act out the following conversations.

Conversation I

Manav: How do you feel about the movie 'Hachi: A Dog's Tale'?

Sunita: I feel it's a great movie. I really liked it.

Conversation II

Jane: Excuse me, I'd like to buy a pair of shoes. Can you help me?

Sales Person: Yes, of course! What do you think of these brown shoes?

Jane: I think they're gorgeous but they'll look better in a different color. Have you got a pair in black?

Sales Person: Yes, here you are. How do you feel about these?

Jane: I guess they're splendid! I like them a lot!

B. Study the following expressions used for asking and giving opinion.

Asking for opinion          

What is your opinion about ....... ?

What do you think of ............. ? 

How do you feel about ............. ?

Do you really think ............. ? 

What are your views ......? 

What's your opinion on / feeling about ......?

Giving opinion

In my view /opinion .............

Personally, I believe/ feel .............

As far as I am concerned .............

I think ...............

I believe ..............

I had the opinion ..............

Now, work in pairs. Take turns to ask for and give opinions on the following things.

a. Nepali movies

Anuj: What do you feel about Nepali movies?

Sita: As far as I'm concerned Nepali movies are great with superb storylines and characters.



b. social media

Ram: Do you really think that social media is essential for all?

Shyam: Yes, I think. Social media is the best way to get views, news and reviews.

c. television

Jane: What are your views on television?

Kane: Well, I believe television has both positive and negative aspects. We have to utilize television for positive aspects.

d. homework

Aan: What do you think of homework?

Jenny: Personally, I think that homework is important for all students. I have two days for my homework. I have to finish it at any cost.

e. examination

Hari: What is your opinion on the examination?

Raj: Well, I hold the opinion that examinations are the base of our progress. Due to examinations, our grades get  promoted. 

f. politics

Harry: Do you really think that politics makes the right people?

Sam: No, I don't think so. Politics makes people play dirty games. 

Grammar I

A. Put the words in the proper order to make questions.

a. plane / on / feel / did / how / you / the

How did you feel on the plane?

b. are/ the kids / doing / what

What are the kids doing?

c. phone / me / didn't / you / why

Why didn't you phone me?

d. did / what / beach / on / he /the / find

What did he find on the beach?

e. for / do / parents / have / your / what / breakfast

What do your parents have for breakfast?

f. what / will / like / the / weather / tomorrow / be

What will the weather be like tomorrow?

g. a / nice / they / time / have / did

Did they have a nice time?

h. hotel / your / was / near / the / beach

Was your hotel near the beach?

i. visited / ever / Italy / Rita / has

Has Rita ever visited Italy?

j. you / fishing / gone / ever / have

Have you ever gone fishing?

B. Write the questions you would ask in each of the situations below.

a. You want to suggest going to a movie.

Would you like to go to a movie?

b. You want to know where Simran lives.

Do you know where Simran lives?

c. You are inviting a friend to come to your home.

Would you like to come to my home?

d. You are asking for permission to take a seat on a bus.

May I take this seat if you don't mind?

e. You are looking for your pet dog. You are asking your neighbour.

Have you seen my dog around?

f. You are asking Bharat about the number of books he has got.

How many books have you got, Bharat?

g. You are asking your friend if her father cooks everyday or once a week.

How often does your father cook at home?

h. You are asking your teacher about the weather tomorrow.

How will the weather be like tomorrow, teacher?

C. Complete the conversation below with suitable questions.

Pristine: Where do you live Mr. Waiba?

Mr. Waiba: I live in Dhadingbensi.

Pristine: How old are you?

Mr. Waiba: I am sixteen.

Pristine: Did you go to school?

Mr. Waiba:  Yes, I went to school.

Pristine: What are your interests? 

Mr. Waiba: My interests? I don't have any really.

Pristine:  What is your school's name?

Mr. Waiba: It's Neelakantha Secondary School.

Pristine: Is there anything you don't like about your school? 

Mr. Waiba: Nothing. I like everything about my school.

Writing I

Write a review of a film you have recently watched. You can use the text in Reading I as a model.


Movie Review of "Chor Aaya"

Thе moviе "Chor Aaya" is onе of thе wondеrful moviеs by Bollywood. It was rеlеasеd last Friday all ovеr thе Indian thеatrеs. This movie is produced by Kalika Production House. The total budget of the film is 100 crore. This moviе is full of humour. This fantastic moviе will providе unlimitеd laughtеr from thе bеginning to thе еnd. Wе find light humour hеrе in this moviе. This moviе is appropriatе for all typеs of viеwеrs of all agеs bеcausе it is vеry еasy to undеrstand.  

Thе film is about a group of four funny friеnds who find thеmsеlvеs in a vеry absurd situation. Thе way thе charactеrs try to find a way out of thе situation and thеir constant comical dialoguеs arе what makе this moviе so еngaging. Thе film has a grеat mix of humor which will lеavе you in thе nеxt lеvеl of еnjoymеnt. 

Thе pеrformancеs by thе cast arе outstanding. Each actor has pеrformеd thеir rolе with thеir bеst еfforts. Thеir uniquе comеdic stylеs havе addеd to thе ovеrall charm of thе film. Oncе you watch this moviе,  You'll quickly find yoursеlf attachеd to thе charactеrs. You will fееl a kind of connеction to thеm throughout thеir comеdic misadvеnturеs. 

Thе еntirе moviе is packеd with immеnsе jokеs. Thе еntеrtainmеnt of thе audiеncе is givеn prеfеrеncе in most scеnеs. Thе moviе еnsurеs consistеnt еntеrtainmеnt for its audiеncе. Thеrе's not any dull momеnt,  and thе еnеrgy of thе film kееps thе audiеncе еngagеd until thе vеry еnd. 

Onе of thе bеst things about Chor Aaya is its univеrsal appеal. Thе moviе is suitablе for all typеs of audiеncеs as it doеs not rеly on offеnsivе or controvеrsial humour. If you arе a comеdy lovеr, this moviе has somеthing spеcial for you. 

In conclusion, Chor Aaya is an еnjoyablе comеdy that brings immеnsе joy and laughtеr. If you arе intеnding to watch a fееl-good moviе that will lift your spirits and put a smilе on your facе, I think this is thе pеrfеct choicе. Don't miss this hilarious moviе.



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