Unit 18 Class 10 English | Interesting Social Media Stories | Neb English Notes


Unit 18 Class 10 English | Interesting Social Media Stories | Neb English Notes
Neb English Notes 

Unit 18 Class 10 English | Interesting Social Media Stories | Neb English Notes

Interesting Social Media Stories

A. Match the words with their meanings.

a. lip-syncing ii. to silently mouth the words along with a song or some other recording

b. platform iv. a website that serves as a base from which a service is provided

c. pandemic i. the worldwide spread of a new disease

d. overwhelm ii. to have a strong emotional effect on somebody

e. somersaulting vii. turning over completely in the air

f. accumulate vi. to get more and more over a period of time

g. voicemail viii. a phone message recorded by someone when you do not answer their call

h. sanctuary v. a place where birds or animals can live and be protected

B. Complete the sentences helow with the correct information from the text.

a. The text is about the positive results brought by ................

social media

b. Nathan Apodaca was gifted a truck of his favourite drink because he was drinking ..................

Ocean Spray cranberry juice

c. Charlie's birthday became more special than expected because of a post on ...................


d. If there were no social media, people would have no idea about........................of the two school children.


e. Matt Nason's Twitter page ................ raises fund for the help of dogs.

》'We Rate Dogs'

f. The social media platform ......... was used for the rescue of the hawk.




C. Answer these questions.

a. What did Nathan Apodaca record in his video?


In his video, Nathan Apodaca recorded himself skating, drinking his juice Ocean Spray cranberry, and lip-syncing to the 1980s song 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac.

b. Was a truck of Ocean Spray a much-deserved reward for Nathan Apodaca? Why?


Yes, a truck of Ocean Spray was a much-deserved reward for Nathan Apodaca. It was because his video featuring Ocean Spray cranberry juice went viral, attracting over 40 million views. Ocean Spray saw the video and delivered a truck full of Nathan's favourite drink to him, and he got to keep the truck too.

c. How did social media help Charlie celebrate her birthday?


Social media helped Charlie celebrate her birthday by providing immediate and immense responses to a post shared by her aunt on the platform of Facebook. The post was a request for all on social media to make Charlie's birthday memorable. As a result, Charle received 173 cards and 15 parcels from total strangers, making her birthday extra special.

d. What was $700 spent on? How did Matt collect the money?


$700 was spent on providing a wheelchair for a 12-year-old Golden Retriever who needed immediate help. As a creator, Matt Nason shared the GoFundMe page of a dog in need on his Twitter page called 'We Rate Dogs'. He sought help from all his followers. The campaign raised over $700 in just a few hours, which enabled the dog to receive a wheelchair.

e. How was the hawk in New York rescued?


The hawk in New York was rescued with the help of social media, especially Twitter. When Madeleine Weatherhead found an injured Hawk, she wanted to help it. She called the Animal Care Centre of New York, but it didn't help. Later, she snapped a photo of Hawk and posted it on her Twitter account, asking for help from her followers. Shortly after her posting, Special Operations Officers Maxwell Outsen and Joseph Bellomo arrived on the scene, carefully captured the Hawk, and took it to an animal sanctuary, where it made a full recovery and found a safe place to live.

D. Share an interesting social media story that you have read or heard.


In the year 2023, the platform Facebook rescued one of my friends. My friend had gone through a serious liver infection. The doctors had recommended a liver transplant. But the charge for that operation was more than Rs. 45 lakh. All the well-wishers started posting for his life, asking for monetary help on the platform of Facebook. After 20 days, there was enough collection of funds. Due to that fund, my friend is living a good life. I think Facebook has really contributed a lot to people's lives. 

Grammar ll

A. Study the following pairs of sentences below. What differences do you notice in them?

a. I had my television fixed, I had a technician fix my television.

b. I got my assignment edited. I got a friend to edit my assignment.

c. I made my sister walk the dog. My sister was made to walk the dog.

e. I have appointments made for me. I have the assistant make the appointments for me.

f. I will have my glass bottles recycled. I will get my friend to recycle my glass bottles.


Sub + have/get+object=v3


》Sub+get+object(doer)=to v1


》Sub+is/am/are|was/were+made=to v1

B. Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

a. I don't let my children ............... video games. (play)


b. The police made him .............. for the damage he caused.(pay)


c. Rob is having his house ............. next weekend. (paint)


d. Julia got her boy friend ................... her a ring. (buy)

to buy

e. Sam gets me ..............the grocery every weekend. (deliver)

to deliver

f. Please, try not to make her ................. (cry)


g. This quiz can make you ............ causative verbs better, (understand)


h. Laura never has people ............... her what to do. (tell)


i. My friend got me ....... her with her CV. (help)

to help

j. I had a plumber ................... the plumbing this morning. (fix)


k. I had my hair ................once a month. (trim)


I. After the party, I was made ................... all the dishes. (wash)

to wash

C. Imagine you were in a holiday camp last year. What were you made or let to do there? Write a few sentences using ‘have’, 'get' and ‘make’, etc.


Last year, I enjoyed a lot in a camp along with my friends. Following are some of the things that I was made to do or let to do there.

I made my friends take my photos in different locations. 

I was made to care for luggage.

I got all my luggage carried. 

I had my shoes cleaned. 

I had my girlfriend talk in phone most time.

I got the manager of camp to enjoy with us.

I made all my friends laugh with my jokes.

I was made to post all our photos. 

Writing Il

Many people believe that social networking sites such as Facebook and TikTok have negative impacts on both individuals and society while others believe that they have connected people globally. What do you think? Write an essay expressing your opinions on the impacts of social media.


The Impact of Social Media in the Present time

In the present time, our way of communication and connection with others has been revolutionized by different platforms of social media. Social media enables people around the world to exchange their views, thoughts, pictures and videos so quickly creating bridge between distances and maintaining new relationships. This extra powerful tool has appeared with both positive and negative impacts on people.

Talking about the positive side of this vast platform, it has helped family and friends around the world by connecting them in a single point, no matter where they are living. Social media has been consistently used by most people to share their experiences and spread positivity. It has also been used to make awareness among the people regarding important social as well as environmental issues, creating empowerment to establish positive changes among different societies and people.

However, this platform has very negative effects too. It increases the addiction of users very badly. Instead of indulging in the activities of real life, users spend their valuable time scrolling different feed stories. Sometimes, overexposure or your continuous presence among people may bring negative results in your life. People apply very bad comments against you and lead your life with feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. There is even a question mark in our self-esteem.

In social media, there are lots of issues regarding privacy concerns. Many people have become victims of social media as they are exposed due to their data leakage. Most of the personal data which are shared online can be misused by bad people or lead to cyberbullying. Different fake news shared on social media also brings harm as well as confusion among different users.

The next significant concern of social media is its influence on people's mental health. Social media seems to connect people from different places in one place but it is far away from the concept of real face-to-face connection. It has increased people's loneliness and isolation. For example: people have thousands of friends in their Facebook friends list but they feel a lack of real friends to chat with. People start seeking happiness through news feeds, comments and likes only.

In conclusion, we find both positive and negative impacts of social media on our lives. Social media helps us in enabling communication, awareness, and global connectivity, but it can also bring negative effects on our mental health, privacy, and personal relationships. To be safe from its negatives, it is very important for all users to maintain a healthy balance and use the platforms responsibly. We have to be very careful of our online behaviour and understanding the potential consequences can really assist us navigate the world of social media with more positive impacts.

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