Unit 1 Class 9 English | Travel and Holidays | Poon Hill Yoga Trek in Nepal | Neb English Notes

Unit 1 Class 9 English | Travel and Holidays | Poon Hill Yoga Trek in Nepal | Neb English Notes
Neb English Notes

Unit 1 Class 9 English | Travel and Holidays | Poon Hill Yoga Trek in Nepal | Neb English Notes 

Poon Hill Yoga Trek in Nepal

Reading I

Look at the picture and answer the questions.

a. What do you think the man in the picture is doing?


I think the man in the picture is doing yoga in a natural environment. 

b. Are you planning to travel or go on a holiday this year?


Yes, I'm planning to travel or go on a holiday this year. 

A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.

Column A                             Column B

a. magnificent vi. extremely attractive and impressive

b. glaciers v. rivers of ice

c. hotspot  vii. a place of significant activity

d. astonished ii. surprised; amazed

e. enchanting i. charming

f. flora and fauna iii. plants and animals

g. perennial iv. throughout the entire year

B. Circle the correct answer.

a. What are the visitors expected to achieve the most in this package holiday? 

i. enjoyment of panoramic views of mountain and landscapes

ii. plenty of physical activity in the lap of nature

iii. self-transformation with Yoga in serene hill stations 

iii. self-transformation with Yoga in serene hill stations 

b. What will the visitors do on the first day of their tour? 

i. go to Pokhara 

ii. discuss the programme

iii. practise Yoga for an hour 

ii. discuss the programme

c. Where will they stay on the fourth day? 

i. at Tikhedhunga

ii. at Banthanti

iii. at Ghorepani

ii. at Banthanti

d. What is the destination of the visitors on the sixth day? 

i. Ghorepani

ii. Tadapani

iii. Deurali

ii. Tadapani

e. Which place will the tourists visit last as a part of the package? 

i. Ghandruk

ii. Nayapul

iii. Pokhara 

i. Ghandruk

C. Answer the following questions.

a. List any two advantages of the Yoga trek in the Nepali hilly region.


Following are the two advantages of the yoga trek in the Nepali hilly region.

1. Visitors can get a wonderful chance to witness a stunning mountain range and explore the hidden treasures of Nepali culture.

2. Visitors can practice yoga principles with stunning views of snow-covered mountains and glaciers.

Additional Advantages:

▪︎  They can get a kind of encouragement for their deep self-transformation process.

▪︎  They get a chance to explore tourist hotspots and icy waterfalls on an adventure.

▪︎  They can have full physical exercise, mind-strengthening, relaxation, and awareness in the natural environment.



b. Who can take part in this Yoga trek programme?


Anyone can take part in this Yoga trek programme. It is open for all experience levels and is a unique chance for those interested in the strengthening of the body, mind and soul.

c. What would you enjoy the most in Ghandruk if you were one of the visitors?


If I were one of the visitors, I would enjoy the excellent close-up views of Annapurna South and Machhapuchhre Himalayas.

d. How many days do the visitors do Yoga during the programme?


The visitors do Yoga for five days during the programme. 

c. How is the Yoga hour mainly managed every day in this holiday trek?


In this holiday trek, the Yoga hour is mainly managed in both the morning and the evening time.

D. Have you ever been on a holiday trip or travelled to different places? Mention the hotspots, points of interest, etc. Share your experiences with your friends.


Yes, I have been on a holiday trip to one of my favourite places, which is none other than Tekanpur. This place is so beautiful with its various tourist hotspots. This place resides in the inner core of my heart. It is located in the heart of awesome-looking natural beauty. It is rich in enchanting landscapes along with vibrant tourist hotspots. These hotspots have become quite successful in attracting everyone's attention. This place is surrounded by lush greenery. This particular greenery has adorned the beauty of the place from every corner.

The very special part of this place can be observed in the morning. As the sun rises in the morning, Tekanpur awakens, along with different beautiful colours that paint the sky in hues of pink as well as golden. The fragrance of blooming flowers is awesome and always welcomes visitors with open arms. The beautiful rivers as well as tranquil lakes have added extra beauty to the surroundings of this place. This really makes one stop and reflects on the natural wonders.

Talking about our visit to this place, we felt extremely delighted to be there. We felt our presence as if we were in heaven. We visited various places there on foot and thoroughly enjoyed and learned about different things. When we reached Sauni Pani, the first hotspot, we found tents of various tourists. We spent our two hours there talking to the tourists. We found them in great joy, like ourselves. This place is a resting place for all the visitors. There are all kinds of facilities, as there are several restaurants, grocery stores, and lodges. There is an open ground for a night stay for all the visitors. The best part about this hotspot is that it allows people from different countries to live together in harmony. We felt great when we found tourists from different countries enjoying themselves in one place. The tourists over there seemed much happier than the native people of the place. The very interesting point is the immense enjoyment of the place.

The next hotspot is located about an hour away. The place is quite favourable for all the visitors. We were stunned to see a huge waterfall in which water was falling continuously. Most of the tourists were seen taking pictures there. This place is also known for its fish fries. We got delicious fish fries at a very cheap rate. We heard music playing continuously. The sight was similar to a fair held in an urban area. Most of the tourists were also dancing, expressing their immense happiness. The place also fascinated us. We also danced with the tourists there.

It was a lot of fun for all of us to be there. We enjoyed our trip to Tekanpur very much. 


Pronounce the following words with the help of your teacher. 

wonderful  /ˈwʌn.də.fl̩/

destination /dɛstɪˈneɪʃən/

opportunity  /ˌɒp.əˈtjuː.nɪ.tɪ/

unimaginable /ˌʌn.ɪˈmædʒ.ɪ.nə.bəl/

likelihood /ˈlaɪ.kli.hʊd/

inspirational /ˌɪn.spɪˈreɪ.ʃən.əl/

responsibility /rɪˌspɒn.sɪˈbɪl.ə.ti/

astonishing /əˈstɒn.ɪ.ʃɪŋ/

magnificently /mægˈnɪf.ɪ.sənt.li/

autobiography /ˌɔː.tə.baɪˈɒg.rə.fi/

insignificant /ˌɪn.sɪgˈnɪf.ɪ.kənt/

biodiversity /ˌbaɪ.əʊ.daɪˈvɜː.sə.ti/


A. Read and act out the following conversation.

I'm thinking of going on a trip this year. The time has come. I think my parents will allow me to go. 

I may not be able to convince my father. He does not believe in boys staying away from home for several days. We’re going on a family trip, instead.

I intend to go. My parents will most likely to let me go. I’m thinking of asking Lakpa’s father if he would allow him to go with us.

B. What will your plans be in the following situations? Share with your friends.

a. You want to go swimming this Saturday.

I'm thinking of going to swim this Saturday. I'm much excited about this. I think my all friends will most likely to join me. 

b. You and your friends are going to play football tomorrow evening.

I and my friend intend to play a football match tomorrow evening. We have made a bet of 1000 rupees. I think I'm going to be the winner tomorrow. 

c. Your parents are planning to go to Darjeeling next week. 

My parents are planning to go to Darjeeling next week. They have been waiting for this trip for two months. I don't think they will take me along with them because my tuition classes are running.

d. Your friend has invited you to a birthday party tonight.

I'm thinking of going to my friend's birthday party tonight. He has invited me twice. I may not be able to convince my parents for late-night parties. I don't think they will let me go there.

e. You are invited to attend the wedding ceremony of one of your friend's sister.

I intend to go to my friend's sister's wedding. He has sent me an invitation card. I have to go out of this city. I'm thinking of convincing my parents if they would allow me to go there for three days.

C. Talk about your plans in pairs. Use the structures from the box.

I intend to.....  I’m planning to ……

I’m doing…….. I’ll do……..   I’m thinking of……. 

a. After SEE

A: study history 

B: study mathematics


A: I'm thinking of studying history after SEE. I like this subject much.

B: But, I intend to study mathematics. I have secured an A+ in mathematics in the SEE.

b. After earning a lot of money

A: open a supermarket 

B: go on a world tour


A: I intend to open a supermarket. I like watching people buy different things. 

A: I'm thinking of going on a world tour. I love travelling.

c. For a party

A: go by bus 

B: go on his/her cycle 


B: I'm planning to go by bus to the party. I think I'll be there at the perfect time.

B: I'm thinking of going to the party on his cycle using shortcuts.

d. To improve vocabulary

A: buy a Nepali dictionary 

B: buy an English dictionary


A: I'm planning to buy a Nepali dictionary to improve my Nepali vocabulary. I'm weak in this subject. 

B: I'll buy an English dictionary to improve my English vocabulary. I'm intending to apply for abroad study. 

e. After completing a Bachelor’s degree

A: go abroad 

B: start own business


A: I'm planning to go abroad after completing a Bachelor's degree. I want to move abroad for my further education. 

B: I'm thinking of starting my own business after completing a Bachelor's degree. I want to be a fine businessman. 

Grammar I

A. Study the following sentences.

a. A: Did you call your mother?

B: Oops, I’ve forgotten! I’ll do it right now.

b. I can't decide what to wear tonight. I think I'll wear my pink saree.

c. The bus will arrive here soon.

d. They have bought a lot of chocolates. They are going to have a party.

e. The sky is overcast. It is going to rain

f. I'm meeting Jane at 8 o'clock on Saturday.

g. A: We're having a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

B: I'd love to, but I'm quite busy that day. 

h. I’m visiting my grandparents next week. 

i. Are you doing anything interesting this weekend?

B. Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentences.

a. It's really hot here. …….a window.

i. I’ll open   ii. I’m opening

i. I’ll open

b. I don't have a bank account. ............ an account in Nepal Bank Ltd.

i. I’ll open

ii. I’m going to open

ii. I’m going to open

c. A: Would you take tea or coffee? B: ……… a coffee, please.

i. I’ll have

ii. I’m going to have

i. I’ll have

d. I've decided that ……… to the class teacher about my family situation.

i. I’ll speak

ii. I’m going to talk

ii. I’m going to talk

e. Next week, we .............. on lake Rara.

i. will boat

ii. will be boating

ii. will boat

f. I would love to go out with you tomorrow but ……… dinner with Dolma.

i. I’ll have

ii. I’m having

ii. I’m having

g. I can't come to class next Monday .……… a tooth taken out.

i. I’ll have

ii. I’m having

I'm having

Writing I

Imagine that you are going on a three-day trek during your vacation. What will you do on different days? Write short paragraphs about your plans.


In my three-day trek during my vacation, I will do the following activities on different days:.

On the first day, I will get up early in the morning and freshen myself. After that, I will engage myself in physical activity for an hour. I will energise myself with a hearty breakfast. I will carry my mini-handbag along with a plastic cane and set off on the trek. I'll hike various scenic trails and snap awesome photos of natural wonders. During the trek, I'll think a lot about my health and keep myself hydrated. I will pack my lunch and take short breaks wherever needed. In the evening, I'll return to my campsite. I'll set up my tent and enjoy a campfire dinner with other fellow trekkers. I'll spend some time gazing at the stars before sleeping.

On the second day, I will follow the same morning routine as the previous day. Next, in my trek, I will move to the rainforest to explore local wildlife and plants. I will have lunch amidst nature. As I reach a breathtaking viewpoint of a huge waterfall, I'll take a complete rest while viewing the natural wonder. I will enjoy the scenery along with the picture-taking activities. I will move down to the river and enjoy swimming and refreshing myself. I will start setting up my tent just next to the river bank. Again, I'll enjoy my dinner with fellow trekkers in front of the fire. I will talk and share my experiences with them. I will go to sleep early to get up early.

On the third day, I will rise early. I'll follow my morning routine as quickly as possible. After having breakfast and packing up, I'll start trekking towards the endpoint. I will pass through forests and small villages. I'll interact with local people and also learn about their culture. As I reach my final destination, I'll celebrate this achievement and have a picnic to celebrate the moment. Eventually, I'll return to the base camp. I will bid farewell to the group. I will depart with unforgettable memories of the incredible trek.





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