Unit 2 Class 9 English | The Acceleration behind Telehealth Services | Neb English Notes

Unit 2 Class 9 English | The Acceleration behind Telehealth Services | Neb English Notes
  English Notes 

Unit 2 Class 9 English | The Acceleration behind Telehealth Services | Neb English Notes 

The Acceleration behind Telehealth Services

A. The meanings of some of the words from the interview are given below. Find the words and fill in the crossword puzzle.


1. psychological treatment of people using dialogue


2. process of sorting patients


3. to prepare and arrange


4. special department of a hospital for intensive care of patients



5. to include as a part


Note: Answer should be including according to the given crossword puzzle but meaning of question support incorporate. But incorporate isn't suitable for crossword puzzle.

6. identification of nature and cause of a disease


Note: Less boxes are given in crossword puzzle for diagnosis. 


7. not having sufficient service


Note: Not matched according to the boxes given in the crossword puzzle 

8. epidemic over a wide geographical area


B. Read the interview again and write whether the following statements are True or False.

a. Internet service is necessary to use telehealth services.


b. While providing telehealth services, health professionals are at high risks of being infected due to the exposure to patients. 


c. Telehealth service can be the best alternative to a face to face service.


d. The problem with the lack of medical staff will be solved to a  great extent with telehealth technology.


e. The success of telehealth programmes depends on the infrastructure and the best use of IT tools.


C. Answer the following questions.

a. What is telehealth service?


Telehealth service is a remote healthcare service provided to patients of any location by doctors usually through video chat.


Telehealth is a remote healthcare-related service facilitated by telecommunication technology. It allows a doctor or other healthcare professional to interact with a patient visually and audibly from any location.

b. What are the advantages of using telehealth programmes?


The advantages of using telehealth programs are as follows.

1. These programs offer faster services through video chat.

2. These programs ensure the safety of the patients. 

3. These programs are more effective and less expensive.

c. Why, according to Dr. Chang, is the telehealth service growing rapidly?


According to Dr. Chang, the telehealth service is growing rapidly for the following reasons.

1. Global COVID-19 pandemic. 

2. Strong social distancing and minimal physical contact.

3. The shortage of medical professionals.

d. How is the telehealth programme important during a pandemic?


During a pandemic, the telehealth programme is important as it allows access to medical care to patients of any location and also helps in infection protection. 

d. Why are the patients in remote areas not getting adequate health services?


Patients in remote areas are not getting adequate health services because of insufficient resources and long distances to drive into cities for care.

e. Mention the top three challenges of telehealth services.


The top three challenges of telehealth services are as follows:

1. Lack of infrastructure to implement the services. 

2. Insufficient hardware and reliable technology.

3. Obstacles in learning to use different new tools online by both the patients and the health professionals. 

4. Difficulty in the integration of telehealth technology with the existing healthcare system.





D. How might rural communities feel about telehealth services? How could this be improved? Talk to your friends.


Telehealth services are quite good services that provide remote healthcare services to most of the patients in rural communities through online means. Access to these services in rural communities is a kind of boon for most people in people in rural communities. In my opinion, people in rural communities might have mixed feelings regarding telehealth services. Some of them might feel quite good and convenient because they don't have to travel a long distance to see the doctors for their checkups. These services might save their time and even money. While others might feel doubt or uncomfortable about telehealth services because online consultations are not much reliable as face-to-face check-ups. They might get worried about their health problems and expect to get in touch with doctors for their problems.

This could be improved by following the following steps.

1. We have to educate community people by providing easy-to-understand information regarding telehealth benefits and how to use it. 

2. To improve telehealth accessibility to every corner of the communities, we have to enhance infrastructure regarding internet connectivity in rural areas. Fine internet can bring drastic results in this case.

3. Internet should be made affordable for all to improve the services of telehealth. There must be easy access to the internet for all the people of communities. Other companies should also contribute to making it available for all at cheap prices. 

4. Training is very vital here. All the professionals should be well-trained so that they can attract people's attention. People should also be trained in the matter of accessing the internet from rural areas.

I think by addressing the above-mentioned concerns and improving accessibility, telehealth can become more widely accepted and embraced by rural communities. These services can provide them with better access to healthcare services.



Pronounce the following words with the help of your teacher or a dictionary.

infrastructure /ˈɪnfɹəˌstɹʌkt͡ʃɚ/

staff  /stɑːf/

chronic /ˈkɹɒnɪk/

strength /stɹɛŋkθ/

milk /mɪlk/

school /skuːl/

shield /ʃiːld/

curious /ˈkjʊə.ɹi.əs/

stethoscope /ˈstɛθəskəʊp/

blend /blɛnd/

strand /stɹænd/

sixth /sɪk(s)θ/

scream /skɹiːm/



A. Read and act out the following conversation.

Shanti: Ah, this is just ridiculous! 

Selina: Sneha again? 

Shanti: Yeah, Sneha. She just keeps asking for money. What do you think I should do? 

Selina: Well, if I were you, I’d ask her not to beg.

Shanti: I’m not sure that’s a good idea. 

Selina: Umm.., I’m not sure then. Perhaps you should try talking to Sneha about it.

Shanti: Well, I’ve tried that. But she did not show any interest.

Selina: How about talking to her parents? 

Shanti: Really? I’m not too sure about that. It might work, I suppose.

B. How does the woman advise the girl?

I have a severe toothache. I can't eat anything

If I were you, I'd go to a dentist.

Now, work in pairs and take turns to explain your situation and give suggestions.

a. A: tired/ not sleep 

B: have a hot drink

A: I'm much tired. There is a pain in my whole body. I can't get to sleep.

A: You should try to have a hot drink. It will help you.

b. A: cold/ no heating 

B: put a sweater on

A: Oh! I'm feeling too cold. There is no heating inside. 

B: If I were you, I'd put a sweater on. 

c. A: friend’s birthday/ no money 

B: pick a bunch of flowers

A: Oh! No. Today's my friend's birthday. I don't have the money to buy the gift.

B: No need to have money dear. If I were you, I would pick a bunch of flowers for a gift.

d. A: hurt my leg 

B: go to see a doctor 

A: Oh! I have hurt my leg. I'm feeling much pain right now. 

B: You should go to see a doctor just now.

e. A: not feeling well

B: take a rest for a while.

A: I'm not feeling well today.

B: If I were you, I'd rest for a while to be active.

C. Give suggestions in the following situations. Use the given expressions.

a. She struggles in English although she works very hard.

You should take tuition classes.

If I were you, I would try to read more English books.

You'd better try to speak in English with all your friends without feeling hesitation.

Why don't you ask the English teacher for help.

b. She has lost her maths book in school.

You should be careful about your books.

Why don't you try to find it in your class?

You'd better ask your friends. 

If I were you, I'd go to search in every section. 

c. She has put on weight, but she wants to be slim.

You should try to eat less.

Why don't you join aerobics classes?

You'd better try to have lemon juice.

If I were you, I'd start running every morning. 

i. You’d better…

ii. If I were you...

iii. Why don't you...?

iv. You should/ought to...


Grammar I 

A. Study what the people in the picture are saying.

> I failed my test.

> Really? What do you think you should do in future?

> I should study a little more.

B. Choose the correct answer.

a. I need help, doctor. My baby doesn't sleep well. What ............. ?

i. had I better do

ii. should I do

iii. I should do

ii. should I do

b. The aeroplane only allows two pieces of luggage. You ............... pack too much or you will have to take it out at the airport!

i. had better not

ii. better not

iii. had not better

i. had better not

c. A: I think that the grade my teacher gave me on my test is wrong.

B: Really? You .................... to her after class today.

i. should to talk

ii. ought to talk

iii. ought talk

ii. ought to talk

d. It's raining and I don't want to get my dress wet. I..............an umbrella.

i. had better not take

ii. had better to take 

iii. had better take

iii. had better take

e. Dinesh loves chocolate, but he ....................too much or he will put on weight.

i. shouldn't eat

ii. should eat not iii. should eat

i. shouldn't eat

f. My mother isn't feeling well, so I told her that she ............. to the doctor.

i. ought go

ii. ought to go

iii. ought

ii. ought to go

g. A: It's so hot.

B: You ...............your jacket!

i. should take off

ii. should put on

iii. should to take off

i. should take off

h. I'm going to visit your country. Where ............. if I want to go shopping?

i. should I go ii. I should go

iii. ought to I go

i. should I go


Writing I

This is Aayush, 14 years, from Biratnagar. He likes to sit on the sofa for hours every day, watching TV and eating a lot of snacks. Write a couple of paragraphs about him. You may use the guiding questions given below. 

a. What is the problem with Aayush?

b. What should he stop doing to be healthy?

c. What should he start doing?

d. What advice would you give him to maintain a healthy life?


Aayush is a 14-year-old boy from Biratnagar. He has a sedentary (Not moving; relatively still) lifestyle. He passes his long hours sitting on the sofa, watching TV, and consuming excessive snacks every day. This particular behaviour poses several health concerns for him in the future. 

a. I think the main problem with Aayush is his sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. These activities can lead him to excessive weight and very poor physical fitness. These conditions can increase the risk of various health-related issues like obesity, heart problems, and diabetes.

b. I think Aayush should stop his habit of spending excessive hours sitting on the sofa. He should reduce his consumption of unhealthy snacks and even sugary drinks.

c. I think he should start engaging himself in regular physical activities. He should act accordingly to his daily routine. He should keep himself busy with various activities such as playing sports, cycling, or going for walks. Furthermore, he should opt (select) for healthier snack options like fruits, nuts, or vegetables.

d. I would like to advise him to maintain a healthy life. He should act according to a perfect timetable and try to find a balance between screen time and physical activities. He should avoid his habit of spending much time in watching television and spend more time engaging in active hobbies. For his over all joyous life, he should adopt a balanced diet with more nutritious snacks and less junk food in his life. He should always keep in mind that moderation and regular exercise are the keys to a fit as well as healthy lifestyle.



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